Sahulat Wallet



  1. ARY Sahulat Wallet’ is not a cheque guarantee, credit or charge card.
  2. You can add any amount above £ 1.00 at any time, up to a maximum value of £ 500 to your ARY Sahulat Wallet.
  3. You may use ARY Sahulat Wallet to make purchases on the website and/or through our Business Alliances.
  4. If ARY Sahulat Wallet is not used for a consecutive period of 12 months - whether to make a purchase or top-up – it will automatically expire at the end of that period. To reactivate ARY Sahulat Wallet or to check status, please enquire on
  5. When you use ARY Sahulat Wallet, the amount of your purchase will be deducted from the balance on the ARY Sahulat Wallet. Refunds or credits for goods purchased with ARY Sahulat Wallet will be paid back onto the ARY Sahulat Wallet account.
  6. You may obtain information about the remaining balance on the ARY Sahulat Wallet at any time by logging into your online account. Alternatively you may call us at UK +44 208 903 8462 OR US +1 212 671 3019.
  7. You may only redeem your ARY Sahulat Wallet balance in the currency of deposit.
  8. All refunds of goods or services purchased with ARY Sahulat Wallet will be made in accordance with ARY's sahulatbazar Refund Policy. This does not affect your statutory rights.
  9. ARY Sahulat Wallet will cancel the value if we fail to receive payment from the purchaser's bank or Card Company for the initial purchase of ARY Sahulat Wallet. Further action may be taken where the fraudulent use is suspected. For cash purchases of £ 100 or more we will require proof of identification.
  10. ARY Services Limited reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions from time to time, where we consider it reasonable and necessary to do so. The current conditions will be available at all times at
  11. ARY Services Limited reserves the right to terminate ARY Sahulat Wallet scheme with not less than three months prior written notice. We will highlight any amendments or discontinuance through our website at
  12. We reserve the right to share transactional information with any law enforcement body if requested.
  13. Issued by ARY Services Limited, 163 Francis Road, London E10 6NT 
    Company No. 03620126.

Value Back – How it works?

    1. ‘Value Back’ works in the following manner:
    1. You make a purchase at and/or through our business alliances;
    2. After you have completed a purchase, we will send a text or email confirming whether you have gained a Value Back equivalent product value in Pounds.
    3. Value Back can be from 2% up to 100% of product value of your purchase which shall exclude all taxes and other charges included in the product price.
    4. For e.g. you purchase a product for £ 100. You will receive an email or text confirming a Value Back. This could be from 2% up to 100% of value of your purchase.
    5. Value Back in your ARY Sahulat Wallet account will reflect credit as indicated above i.e. % of the product value less taxes and charges. The decision of the Company shall be final in terms of calculating the Value Back.
    6. In order to get credits, your account must always remain in credit with the notional 10 grams gold added at the time of sign-up.
    7. You can redeem the credits in the following manner:
  1. Credits in your account (other than gold) can be redeemed against purchases on; in terms of Diamond Jewellery, Silver & Gold and or clothing under the brand Moods N Shades, Concerts Tickets, selected CDs and DVDs and selected ARY Zauq food products. Other merchandise on which credit can be redeemed will be added on in future.
  2. Credits in your account in the form of gold (which excludes the 10 grams credited at the time of sign-up) can be redeemed in the form of gold. Minimum quantity redeemable is 1 gram and is subject to making, insurance and courier charges. If gold credits are less than 1 gram, you can purchase the quantity required to make it up to 1 gram or more as per your choice.
  1. Only genuine and verifiable claims will be accepted for Value Back. At any point we reserve the right to put Value Back on hold pending any investigation. This may be the case where unusual account activity is detected and a verification is required in order to deem the transactions as genuine with supporting documents/receipts.

*10 grams 24K Gold Promotion Offer - Terms and Conditions

  1. In addition to the ARY Sahulat Wallet terms and conditions above, the following terms and conditions are applicable to the *10 grams 24K Gold Promotion Offer.
  2. This offer is valid for a period of 45 days from the date of launch unless extended further upon notice.
  3. Your ARY Sahulat Wallet account will automatically reflect 10 grams of 24k Gold upon sign-up and completing registration.
  4. This 10 grams of 24k Gold cannot be redeemed at any time but shall attract a monthly 50 milligram redeemable profit, and will stay in your account as long as a member continues to spend a minimum of £ 1000.00 a year online with or with ARY Speed Remit and or at our Business Alliance outlet.
  5. Each remittance will account for £ 10 towards the yearly minimum spend of £ 1000.00
  6. Accumulated Savings plus the monthly profit can be redeemed in terms of purchase online and or converted to Diamond Jewellery in Gold & Silver. While, converting to Jewellery, a member can top up his/her account to make up for the balance of value required to make a purchase of choice