Mango Craze

Mango Craze

A Bunch Of 5Kg Mangoes Basket with 2 PACKS OF MILK PAK (1 Ltr Each Pack) Comelle Full Cream Condensed Milk
£ 21 (GBP)

1. 5Kg Mangoes Basket:
5Kg Mangoes Basket. Show your Love and affection, send these extremely sweet and of highest qulaity Mangoes to your Loved ones. A comfort food. Mangoes really can make you feel better! Beyond being delicious and rich in vitamins, minerals. Send This 5kg Pack of Mangoes to your loved ones in Pakistan.

2. 1 Comelle Condensed Milk Tin:
Comelle Full Cream Condensed Milk 

3. 2 PACKS OF MILK PAK (1 Ltr Each Pack):
MILK PAK is a trusted brand known throughout the country for its nutritious wholesome goodness and pure natural taste. To secure a happier and healthier future for your family, you need the support of a strong partner like MILKPAK, now fortified with extra strength of Iron, Vitamin C and Vitamin A that keeps you and your family strong!



This Package Also Includes A Free Beautiful and Very Expressive Greeting Card.

-Product can be slightly different from the picture.
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