Chocolate Tower By Lal's

Chocolate Tower By Lal's

Its an assortment of Lal's delicious chocolates, arranged and packed in three beautiful boxes, stacked upon each other. The total weight of all three boxes is 1kg.
£ 39.99 (GBP)

Who says good things come in small packages? Lal's chocolate tower is a proof to deny that statement. The tower features three square boxes of different sizes stacked upon each other. The large box contains 22 pieces of assorted chocolates, the medium one has 6-8 pieces, while the small box contains 4 pieces of chocolates. The total weight of all three boxes is 1kg. 


Lal's chocolate tower is the perfect gift to send to someone special on their special day.


This items also includes a free beautiful and very expressive greeting card with your message on it.


-This product is available only for the major cities of Pakistan.
-Please order atleast 2-3 prior to the delivery date
-In case of non availability of this item, Sahulat bazar will deliver the best possible match with the same quantity & quality