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Speed Remit

ARY Speed Remit Terms and Conditions 

  1. Credit for Value Back will be in ARY SAHULAT Wallet
  2. 'ValueBack' can only be used on Sahulat Bazar website
  3. Value back cannot be cashed or refunded
  4. To get the benefit of offer, REMITTER and BENEFICIARY both has to register / sign up for wallet
  5. Value Back will be distributed between remitter and beneficiary in the ratio of 75% and 25 % respectively.
  6. Remitter and beneficiary can transfer part or full of their balances of value back between them
  7. Transaction will be paid out within 48 working hours e.g. if the transaction is carried out on first working day i.e. MONDAY before 3pm GMT, then the following working day will be considered as day 1, i.e. Tuesday and the paid out will be considered as 48 hours from the following day. Any transaction carried out after 3pm GMT on MONDAY then the first working day considered will be Wednesday and 48 hrs considered thereafter, inclusive of days mentioned respectively. (48 working hours’ implies 4 working days)
  8. Breakup of transaction for the purpose of claiming value back will not be considered and does not qualify for value back e.g. the remitter and beneficiary details remaining same in more than one transaction carried out the same day will be considered as break up of transaction for purpose of claiming value back and hence will not qualify for Value Back e.g. £ 1000 remittance split in two transactions of £ 500 each or 4 transactions of £ 250 each carried out by the same remitter to the same beneficiary.
  9. Customers will not be eligible for value back on instant remittance transactions
  10. Maximum Value back will be up to Rs 6 on each pound remittance, with maximum £ 20 value back on any single transaction
  11. Discretion of percentage of Value Back will be solely determined by company - ARY SAHULAT BAZAR Management
  12. Flyer has to be submitted to the participating outlets to claim the benefit value back promotion
  13. Mandatory requirements requires to be fulfilled to claim any value back offer
  14. IDs required and applicable need to be submitted
  15. Promotion is applicable on selective outlets as mentioned on flyer and value back can be redeemed at participating Business Alliances on the brochure / flyer
  16. On registration / signup credit of 10 grams gold will be added on the ARY SAHULAT WALLET (total 10 Grams gold credit to remitter and beneficiary)
  17. This 10 grams of 24k Gold cannot be redeemed at any time and will stay in your account as long as you spend equivalent of £ 45 on in the first 45 days of your sign-up and continue to spend a minimum of £ 1000 a year from sign-up. In order to get gold credits, your account must always remain in credit with the 10 Grams added at the time of sign-up. Full terms and conditions available on
  18. All Terms and Conditions of ARY Sahulat Wallet and general terms and conditions mentioned above, are applicable
  19. ARY Sahulat Wallet will cancel the Value Back if customer fail to pay full amount of remittance
  20. Management reserves the right to discontinued the promotion at any time
  21. ARY Services Limited reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions from time to time, where we consider it reasonable and necessary to do so. The current conditions will be available at all times at
  22. We reserve the right to share transactional information with any law enforcement body if requested.
  23. Any cancellation of transactions will result reversal of Value Back and will be adjusted in Wallet balances, if no balance is there then either in future Value Back (depends if promotion still continues). In case promotion would be discontinued then it will be adjusted in the future Remittances.
  24. Only genuine and verifiable claims will be accepted for value back. At any point we reserve the right to put value back on hold pending any investigation, this may be the case where unusual account activity is detected and a verification is required in order to deem the transactions as genuine with supporting documents/receipts.